Hello and thank you for visiting Cats of Thrones! Cats of Thrones is the world’s first and only toilet seat designed for a cat. You may be thinking: that’s crazy! Why toilet train a cat? What are the benefits? And most of all, how does this crazy thing work?! To understand why you and your cats will benefit from this product, let’s go over the downsides of litter: – Constant scooping requires time and energy – Good litter can become expensive, particularly for multi-cat households – Family members can be allergic to litter dust – Cats can make a mess out of litterbox areas when covering or scratching their waste – Unpleasant odors can quickly add up without constant attention to the litterboxes When you look at it, litterboxes have become an accepted burden of cat ownership. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way. cat-toilet-seat Our product is designed to gently ease your cat into using your toilet as a litterbox by resting on top of it. This will: – Reduce or eliminate the typical mess involved with scattered litter – Reduce or eliminate the time involved with scooping litter and cleaning litterboxes – Eliminate the cost of replacing litter entirely – Eliminate the odor and dust problems of using litter entirely The seat works through a series of steps, beginning with a small hole in the center. As the cat grows accustomed to it, you can punch out the rings to widen the hole. Each ring has small drainage holes that allows you to pour some hot water over our proprietary dissolving cat litter which allows easy cleaning of liquid waste. Additionally, our cat toilet seat allows you to ease the cat through each of the 6 stages of training, and even go back to a previous stage if they are uncomfortable. This ensures that they will not be scared by suddenly going from a small hole to a large one. Most importantly, Cats of Thrones’ toilet seat does not interfere with the human toilet seat! Our easy installation process allows you to simply place your seat down over the cat’s so no messy swapping or reinstalling is required.