You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Here are some of the most common questions we get about using Cats of Thrones. If you have anything not covered here, please contact us!

1. Why do cats go on the toilet?

First of all, cats are very clean animals and they do care a lot of getting rid of the odors that they leave behind and that is why cats are always looking for a cleaner place to go to. They are very curious about toilets and there are many cases when cats toilet train themselves. When cats waste touches the water, the odor is gone and that is what cats desire in the first place. Many cats are watching their human companions and that is another reason why they might to check it out on their own.

2. Why do cats drink out of the toilet?

It’s simple: because water in the toilet is cold. They hear the sound of water in the toilet and they jump on to check it out.

3. Can my cat be toilet trained if he doesn’t use his litter box properly?

The answer is absolutely yes! Your cat is a perfect candidate for toilet training. The only reason why your cat has problems with his litter box is that you don’t clean it good enough and the odor that is left behind doesn’t discourage your cat to use his litter box. Cats are very clean animals and they care about getting rid of their own odor in the litter box. We only clean what we see and we still don’t clean it good enough.

To clean your cat’s litter box properly, you will need to dump all the litter out and wash the litter box thoroughly, you have to do that after each time your cat uses his litter box. It is a lot of work but if you use Cats of Thrones, you can get rid of the litter box and solve many problems that you have with your cat.

4. Why does my cat like to scratch a lot in his litter box?

The only reason why cats are scratching is to get rid of their odor. Cats want to cover the odor and get rid of it. Think of cats in a wild: they never go to the same place to take care of their business, same way domestic cats want to get rid of their odor. There is neurotic scratch behavior that cats have when they will dig the litter outside of their litter box and the only way to take care of this problem if you keep your cat inside will be to toilet train your cat. Once your cat is toilet trained, he won’t scratch at all.

5. How old should my cat be to start toilet training?

As long as your cat is able to jump, you can start toilet training. Older cats are the same. If a cat is able to jump on the toilet, he still can be toilet trained.

6. Will my cat fall in a toilet?

Your cat will not fall in a toilet if you toilet train him with our Cats of Thrones system. The cat seat has comfortable platform on both sides for your cat to place all his 4 paws that way to prevent him from falling.

7. Will my cat still drink out of toilet while toilet training?

Your cat will not drink out of a toilet while toilet training because of the taste of our Cats of Thrones dissolving cat litter. He may start drinking water out of the toilet when toilet trained, but not after he uses it.

8. Can I use my cat’s litter box at the same time with the cat toilet seat?

The answer is absolutely NOT. The reason for this is you will confuse your cat, which will cause all kind of problems afterward. Your cat will not know where they are “supposed” to go and this will likely put the end to his toilet training.

9. How often do I need to rinse the crystals?

When you see urine stains, take a cup of hot water and rinse it over the stain area. Once it`s done, fill the empty space with a new cat litter.

Tip: if you are not home all day and nobody is watching your cat, use the pet odor and stain eliminator and spray it over the litter. It will neutralize the odor completely and your cat will not smell his scent.

10. Can I go back a step if my cat is not ready for another stage?

You can go back a step but only from stage 5 to stage 4. If you removed the ring, going from stage 4 to stage 5 and realize that your cat is not quite ready yet for it, you can reattach the ring with the seat using the clips that were included with the system.

11. Why do I need the urine light detector?

The urine light detector is very useful tool for toilet training. It is very easy to use: turn the lights off and shine this little light on different areas (for example on the Cats of Thrones seat). The light will shine bright yellow or green urine stains or other body waste remaining.

Tip: if your cat had problems with his litter box, you probably have urine stains in different areas of your house. Before starting the training, shine the urine light detector to find urine stains, spray the pet odor and stain eliminator. This will prevent further accidents.

12. How do I know which one of my cats used the toilet if I am not home?

When you come back home and find stains on the system, you will need to bring all of your cats, put them on the system, and give all of them Kitty Kaviar cat treat. This allows them to smell the stain and establishes positive reinforcement, which will encourage your cats to use Cats of Thrones and wait for their treat after that.

13. How do I clean the system if I am not home?

We recommend to use the pet odor and stain eliminator together with the dissolving cat litter. Spray the pet odor and stain eliminator over the dissolving cat litter and the spray will neutralize any odor, so when your cat uses the system, there will be not scent left behind.