UV Black Light


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Product Description

C.O.T.™ Urine Light Detector

  • Super strong UV-light that detects new and old pet/human urine. Unique small size allows you to carry anywhere you go. Very easy to use, presents very clear picture of urine.

  • Considering the fact that thousands of cats are abused because of litter box problems (people do not clean properly), the C.O.T.™ Urine Light Detector can be very helpful in toilet training, by helping find and eliminate the urine stains.

To Use

  • Recommended to use in darkness, close doors and turn off lights

  • Point light all around the toilet bowl area and nearby walls

  • Also use around any area that you think may have been soiled by your pet either recently or long ago

  • Check all over home (best if used at night with all lights off)

  • When florescent green or yellow signs appear, simply spray affected area with C.O.T. Odor and Stain Eliminator and watch as soiled area disappears before your eyes. Be aware that old stains may need some rubbing and or a second application of Odor and Stain Eliminator before area is completely cleaned.


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